lab storage cabinet

Specification (mm): 1000 × 500 × 2000, material: cabinet uses 16mm thick high quality melamine double veneer chipboard, its section is sealed by PVC edge banding with imported mechanical high temperature hot melt adhesive, strong adhesion, good seal Beautiful appearance and durable. Frame: adopts aluminum alloy frame structure, and the wall thickness is not less than 1.0mm. All aluminum surfaces are spray-coated with epoxy resin powder, which is resistant to acid and alkali, beautiful and durable. Structure: The upper wooden frame is fitted with 5mm thick glass doors, and the lower wooden door cabinet is equipped with a fixed partition. The partition uses 16mm high-quality melamine double-faced particleboard. The overall structure is scientific and reasonable, and the shape is beautiful. Handle: Stainless steel handle foot pad: one-time injection molding with special ABS engineering plastic, corrosion resistance, height adjustable.